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WISDRI is a globally active EPC Contractor and Total Solution Partner along the full process and entire value chain of steel industry. 

Predicated on decades of technology accumulation and innovation, proprietary equipment manufacturing and global sourcing as well as project implementation, our competency can be seen everywhere along the full process and entire value chain of the metal industry, including but not limited to:

n  Raw Material Yard (comprehensive solution for bulk material handling, processing and storage)
n  Sintering & pelletizing (sintering plant of 75m2 ~360m2; grate-rotary kiln and traveling grate pelletizing plant )
n  Lime kiln (double shafts kiln, annular shaft kiln, rotary kiln, rotary vertical kiln, with capacity of 100t/d~600t/d)
n  Iron Making (BF capacity of 500 m3 to 5800m3, featuring higher productivity, longer campaign, cost-effective,  energy saving and environmental protection)
n  Steel Making (business covering hot metal  treatment, EAF(80~150t), BOF(30~320t), LF, VD, RH)
n  Continuous Casting (product portfolio incl. square billet, round billet, bloom, slab, beam blank) 
n  Hot Rolling (endless strip, conventional continuous hot rolled strip, medium plate, section steel, wire rod, bar)
n  Cold Rolling (pickling, rolling, degreasing, annealing, galvanizing, skin passing, coating, packing, cutting, slitting, recoiling & inspection, leveling, butt welding and ARP for carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and non-ferrous metal)
n  Energy & Environmental Protection (power plant, WWTP, solid waste treatment, de-Nox, de-Sox, etc.)
n  Auxiliary Facilities (incl. WTP, GCP, air compressor station, steam station, substation, general layout and logistics, etc.)
n  Equipment Manufacturing (incl. mechanical, electrical, automation, hydraulic and thermal equipment, carbon bricks, frequency converters, etc.)
With 6 overseas locations worldwide, WISDRI is offering high quality consulting, engineering, manufacturing, procurement and construction services to customers all around the world. Our global presence can be found in 4 continents, with 80% of the Global Top 50 Steel Producers being our customers. To date, we have successfully completed more than 100 projects in over 20 countries, including  Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine,  Malaysia,  India, Japan, South Korea,  Spain,  Germany, Turkey, Bangladesh, Serbia, etc. 
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