India CHROMENI Cold Rolling Stainless Steel Project of Tsingshan Group is successfully commissioned
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On July 26, 2019, an 18-H 5-strand DRAPL line, the largest in the world, supplied by WISDRI in EPC mode for India CHROMENI Cold Rolling Stainless Steel Project (Phase 1) of Tsingshan Group, was successfully commissioned.

Located in Mundra, Gujarat State, India, the production line represents the most advanced production process in the world. With a total length of 700 m, the DRAPL line has a process speed of 200 mpm, ranking first in the world. It is designed to produce 0.7 mt/a of stainless steel 2B/2D products. WISDRI designed and supplied all the core equipment, including laser welding machine, 18-H 5-strand tandem mill, annealing furnace, pickling section, skin pass mill and tension leveler, etc. The WIS-18 type 18-H 5-strand tandem mill, the low-energy consumption direct-fired annealing furnace and neutral salt electrolysis + mixed acid pickling technology developed by WISDRI are used in the production line.

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