Shagang Chose WISDRI to Supply Carbon Bricks for Its 5800m3 BF
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Shagang Chose WISDRI to Supply Carbon Bricks for Its 5800m3 BF

The third generation of WISDRI micro pore carbon brick (SM-3MR) was contracted for Shagangs 5800m3 blast furnace.

WISDRI is home to two intelligent carbon brick production lines, equipped with the automatic proportioning system, EIRICH high-speed countercurrent mixing machine, 6300t and 4000t analog two-way molding machines, natural gas-fired high-temperature enclosed kiln, and high-precision CNC machine tool. There is also an automatic line for refractory materials blending, mixing and packaging. Building on our technical excellence in product inspection and development, WISDRI is capable of producing over 50,000 tons of carbon bricks, carbon materials and refractory materials combined each year, with performance indicators equaling or exceeding the level of imported counterparts.

WISDRIs carbon bricks have been used in several thousands of blast furnaces of Chinese steelmakers, including ANSteel, WISCO, Hunan Valin Steel, HBIS, Anyang Steel, LY Steel, KISC, and exported to foreign countries such as Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Iran and Egypt. In addition, refractories such as iron runner castables that we manufacture have been widely acclaimed by many Chinese steelmakers, such as Hebei Chengde Steel, Hebe Jingye Steel, Jinxi Steel, Taishan Steel, and Ganglu Steel.

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