Ningbo Baoxin Held an Inauguration Ceremony for Its Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Furnace
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Ningbo Baoxin Held an Inauguration Ceremony for Its Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Furnace

On May 30th, the 60,000 t/a stainless steel bright annealing line undertaken by WISDRI in EP mode was put into production, further consolidating Ningbo Baoxins leading position in stainless steel cold rolling market with an annual capacity of 720,000 ton, among which 180,000 t/a is from the bright annealing furnaces.

Guided by the green, low-carbon, intelligent and efficient principle in production, WISDIR has applied several innovative technologies to the bright annealing line.

Electric heating

The combination of electric heating and full hydrogen atmosphere muffle is adopted to further improve product quality and achieve zero NOx emissions. Coupled with the mechanical interlocking mechanism and fire-fighting facilities, the oil seal technology ensures work safety in the high-hydrogen atmosphere of the furnace.

Strip vibration suppression

WISDRI pioneered the strip vibration research in the world to seek vibration suppression solutions in the cooling section of the annealing furnace. Experiment results have been applied to the improvement on plenum engineering, so that strip surface smoothness that might otherwise be undermined due to strip vibration is secured.

Muffle furnace

As the core of the bright annealing line, the 27.4-meter-long muffle furnace that is designed, manufactured and supplied by WISDRI applies the monolithic shifting approach to muffle exchange, where there is no need to either dismantle the furnace or remove the building roof.

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