Dynamic Soft Reduction was Successfully Applied to the Slab Continuous Casting Process of Fujian GDHC
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Dynamic Soft Reduction was Successfully Applied to the Slab Continuous Casting Process of Fujian GDHC

Dynamic soft reduction (DSR), one of WISDRI core in-house technologies, was adopted lately by two slab CCMs (210/230x900~1700mm) of Fujian GDHC that went production in 2022 with roll gap remotely controlled.

Based on Donghais requirements for higher casting speed and weathering-resistant steel production, WISDRI applies DSR technology to the improvement in slab quality.

After the application, Q355NH steel samples show that slab deformation is consistent with set reduction, and slab is free from defects such as porosity and shrinkage cavity.

Slab thickness after reduction

Slab thickness before reduction

As soft reduction is essential to slab inner quality control in continuous casting, WISDRI has launched an integrated DSR system that coordinates equipment, hydraulic system, automation and model control based on over two decades of production practice. It boasts the following features:

1. 3D temperature field is designed based on the reliable slab solidification end calculation model.

2. The combination of sophisticated automatic control strategy and optimized hydraulic control system realizes the precise remote control of roll gap in segments.

3. Versatility allows it to be applied to the production of slab, billet and bloom.

Typical references with DSR application

250mm×1600mm slab CCM of Fujian Sangang

First application of DSR model

Over 16 years in service so far

220mm×1600mm stainless steel slab CCM of Taishan Steel

First application to stainless steel production

Second prize in Science and Technology Award of the Metallurgical Industry

300×1600mm two-strand slab CCM of Shandong Fulun Steel

2 two-strand slab CCMs of Hebei Anfeng Steel (180/200mm×1300mm)

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