BSP Released FAC to WISDRI-Contracted Secondary Refining Project
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BSP Released FAC to WISDRI-Contracted Secondary Refining Project

On September 25, the secondary refining project at Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), which is under the rule of Ministry of Steel of India, issued the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) to WISDRI, making WISDRI the first among contractors of SMS-3 to receive such recognition from the client.

Since the hot load test commissioned in 2019, WISDRI project members continued to provide services via video links to modify necessary items and prepare for various acceptance tests by holding the company spirits of “professionalism and dedication”, though we have to undergo all odds and challenges including but not limited to those caused by COVID pandemics, Indian visa restrictions, etc. During this period, WISDRI obtained Commissioning Certificate (CC), Performance Guarantee (PG), project claim certificate, and performance bond return certificate, laying a good foundation for the issuance of Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC).

In July 2022, BSP relied on WISDRI to supply spare parts for their plant, and the cargo has been shipped in due course on September 19, 2023.

Obtaining the FAC from BSP demonstrates WISDRI’s capabilities of international business management. In the future, WISDRI will go deeper in overseas markets and provide superb services to every client as we always do.


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