250,000t/a Silicon Steel Project Cluster Kicked Off Construction
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250,000t/a Silicon Steel Project Cluster Kicked Off Construction

On July 25, the first column of steel structure platform was erected at Jianlong Steel’s APL site, marking that the 250,000t/a new-energy electromagnetic material project cluster has officially commenced the construction.

The project cluster comprises one annealing and pickling line (APL), one annealing and coating line (ACL), two sets of 20-high single-stand rolling mills, one trimming line, one preparation line, one recoiling line (RCL), one packaging line (PAL), and one acid regeneration plant (ARP). The said lines and equipment form an entire-process, high-grade, non-oriented silicon steel shop, and all of them are contracted by WISDRI.

Jianlong Steel chose WISDRI to undertake this large-scale project cluster because of WISDRI’s renowned reputation, industry-leading technologies as well as profound experiences. WISDRI is full of confidence to complete the project as scheduled with quality equipment and services.

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