Construction of WISDRI-HPDQ Phase II Project Cluster Kicked Off
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Construction of WISDRI-HPDQ Phase II Project Cluster Kicked Off

On August 8, Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel JSC officially commenced the phase II project cluster by holding a grand groundbreaking ceremony. During the ceremony, the first piece of BF shell and the structure of converter high-bay were lifted into place, signifying that the two major projects have stepped into a new stage.

The HPDQ phase II project cluster includes: 2×2500m³ BF EPC project, 2×300t BOF EPC project, railway EPC project, RCL, WTP of HSPM, etc. This is a successive cooperation between WISDRI and Hoa Phat after the brilliant achievements obtained at phase I.

In phase I project cluster, WISDRI undertook the overall planning and engineering, as well as a collection of EPC projects including stockyard, steelmaking, 35KV substations, central WTP, and WTP of QSP. Since the project cluster was put into production, all systems have been running in good condition, with multiple production indicators reaching record highs. Its products have been welcomed in Vietnam and surrounding countries, bringing economic, social and environmental benefits to Hoa Phat Group.

When the phase II project cluster is completed, the Dung Quat Iron and Steel Base will reach a production capacity of 10 million tons. We are confident that on the grounds of mutual trust and experience gained from phase I, the phase II project cluster will set a robust bedrock for Hoa Phat to flourish.

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Gaoyi Steel Succeeded in Power Grid Connection at the First Attempt

In September, the Shanxi Gaoyi Steel 1x80MW subcritical gas-fired power generation unit undertaken by WISDRI was successfully commissioned and connected to power grid. During the grid synchronization process, its running parameters of all systems were stable.

 WISDRI commenced the project execution in July 2022 and completed it after 13 months, during which the project team pulled together to figure out reasonable layout within limited site space and coordinate numerous matters with counterparts frequently. As scheduled, one set of 280t/h ultra-high temperature subcritical gas boiler, one set of 80MW ultra-high temperature subcritical air-cooled condensing steam turbine, and one set of 85MW generator units started up with expected safety and quality.

In the following stage, WISDRI will continue its efforts to handle the “last mile” of power generation unit and complete the scheme for upgrading flue gas treatment of sintering plant.

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