3# Reheating Furnace Ignited at HBIS Serbia
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Being a crucial element of HBIS 2250mm hot rolling project in Serbia, the 3# walking beam reheating furnace which is contracted by WISDRI in EPC mode has completed its ignition and entered the hot test stage at 16:06 local time on August 8 against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic. 

The first set in Serbia

Through successful execution of the project, WISDRI exported to European market an array of intelligent and green technologies. In Serbia iron & steel industry, our 2250mm hot rolling project has made the following groundbreaking achievements:

  1. The first regenerative reheating furnace

Previously, the reheating furnace of HBIS Serbia was powered by natural gas, which has the drawback of low utilization rate of thermal resource. And today,  with WISDRI’s advanced air-gas dual regenerative technology, the BFG is efficiently used to fire the their reheating furnace.

  1. The first ultra-low emission reheating furnace

As an upholder for “Green Circular Economy”, we have applied exhaust gas back blowing technology to recover the gas as much as possible, thereby solving the gas escape problem between reversing valves and accordingly having reduced CO emission of more than 8,000 ton per annum. In addition, the air pollution is lessened by using our ultra-low NOx emission technology, boosting the plant to be energy-saving and leading in Europe.

  1. The first intelligent reheating furnace

WISave, an intelligent reheating furnace system developed by WISDRI, is applied in this project, which could realize smart production of the furnace by real-time monitoring and control of critical procedures such as billet temperature and oxidative decarburization.

The documentary “Iron & Steel Backbones” produced by CCTV2 once featured the story about HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel DOO Belgrade, and applauded the project as “an embodiment of win-win concept” and “a demo project for the  cooperation between China and Central-Eastern Europe”.

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