2# Sintering Machine Produced Sinter Ores at CFZT Special Steel
Time:02 November 2022 Author:海外营销部 Source: View:

Following the successful startup of 1# sintering machine on February 9, the 2# sintering machine, part of WISDRI’s EPC contract project, smoothly produced the sinter ores on June 20, indicating that the project is another step closer towards the completion of the whole project.

As for production, we specially designed a “thick material layer” that is up to 900mm, and adopted a series of measures to enhance the sintering process, such as adding quicklime in blended materials, adding hot water in the mixer, extending the pelletizing time, and setting steam pipes for blending bins to increase the temperature.

As for energy saving and emission reduction, new burners and fume recovery technologies were employed, ensuring quality ignition with short flame, less fuel consumption and flue gas emission.

In terms of environmental protection, the project adopted pneumatic design for dust conveying and entirely sealed belt conveyor for blended materials conveying to avoid escape of dust and steam. The dust collectors of bag-type, wet-type and multi-tube type as well as ESP are used to collect the dust produced in the plant as much as possible.

Not only had we endeavored the successful sinter production of 2# sintering machine, but also spared no effort to push forward the stockyard project and pelletizing project, for example, after we put in service some of the facilities for phase 1 stockyard (e.g. pre-blending chamber, 1# truck material receiving bunker, fuel warehouse, finished product buffer bunker), the construction of other stockyards as well as the pelletizing plant (e.g. mixing chamber, roller grinder chamber, chain grate chamber) are being implemented in an orderly way.

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