WISDRI Commissioned two Acid Regeneration Plants at Home and Abroad
Time:02 November 2022 Author:海外营销部 Source: View:

Within a short time period, the acid regeneration plant revamp project at LY Steel and the acid regeneration plant project at PT. SUNRISE MILL, Indonesia went into operation successively.

The revamp project at LY Steel commenced in November last year. After surmounting tight schedule, personnel mobilization and logistic difficulties caused by COVID-19, WISDRI managed to produce qualified regenerated acid through concerted effort with all related parties and cooperation with the Owner on May 22. Only six and a half months from commencement to production, it has set the shortest record of construction duration for projects of same kind at home and abroad.

PT. SUNRISE MILL, one of our clients in Indonesia, relied on WISDRI to supply an hydrochloric acid regeneration plant for its cold rolling complex. To live up to the expectations, we conducted the process design and equipment design following a higher criteria, dispatched personnel in a timely manner to the site against the adversities caused by COVID pandemic, performed a combined onsite + online supervision, resulting in a successful completion of the equipment erection and commissioning at the end of 2021. And in June this year, the project was brought into production through concerted efforts with the client under WISDRI’s close supervision via remote control, the system performing well and the project well received by PT. SUNRISE MILL. 

The triumph in China was highly regarded while the remarkable reference in Indonesia had set up a new partnership, which both spoke volume for WISDRI’s technical strength and project execution ability on acid regeneration plant.

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