WISDRI Won Both Steelmaking and Ironmaking EP Projects of Dexin Steel’s Phase 1 Expansion Works
Time:22 June 2021 Author:海外营销部 Source: View:

On May 30th, WISDRI signed EP contracts for both steelmaking and ironmaking projects of Dexin Steel’s phase 1 expansion works with Dexin Steel.

The Indonesia-based Dexin Steel phase 1 works will occupy an area of 258.6 hectares after expansion, boasting an annual capacity of 6 million tons. 1# production line of the phase 1 project was put into operation last March, and 2# production line this February. The entire phase 1 project is expected to be on stream in July.

WISDRI’s effort and performance in undertaking Dexin Steel phase 1 project in EPC mode were highly recognized and vastly appreciated by the Owner, which further entrusted expansion projects to WISDRI. WISDRI will renew its strong commitment to the construction with diligence and expertise. (WISDRI ISERI)

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