Dexin Steel 2# Blast Furnace was Successfully Commissioned
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On February 4, 2# blast furnace of Dexin Steel was successfully commissioned in the presence of representatives from Dexin Steel, WISDRI and other contractors, bearing witness to the culmination of 3.5 mt/a Iron & Steel Project of Dexin Steel.

Dexin Steel project consists of 2 blast furnaces, each with a volume of 1780 m3 and a designed productivity of 2.5t/m3/d, totaling an annual output of 3.5 mt. Kicking off on April 5, 2018, the project put 1# blast furnace into operation on March 29, 2020. The first blast furnace has been running well over the past one year, sporting an actual productivity of 3.32t/m3/d. WISDRIs patented technologies have been applied to the construction of these two blast furnaces, which are highly recognized for its advanced technology, cost-effective performance and environmental care across the world.

Amid the construction, we were confronted with many challenges, including resource shortage, inflexibility in mobilizing work force and limited construction field, as well as unfavorable natural forces, such as long rainy season, earth quakes and floods. What was worse, Covid-19 outbreak had compounded the difficulties on site by the absence of local workers, stranding of personnel, and prevalence of coronavirus panic. An unprecedented heavy toll on iron and steel engineering notwithstanding, WISDRI remained resolute in completing the project. Hard work had paid off, as we sought to deploy human capital in hand and conduct remote instruction and supervision. In the long run, both 1# and 2# blast furnaces have successfully gone into operation. (WISDRI ISERI)

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