“WISDRI” Trademark Accredited as “China Famous Trademark”
Time:08 August 2014 Author:系统管理员 Source:

“WISDRI” brand registered and used by WISDRI was accredited by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China as “China Famous Trademark” in the Circular No.252 [2013] after two-year hard work.

The accreditation of “China Famous Trademark” is made by related authoritative experts under the organization of State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Accreditation as “China Famous Trademark” entails fulfillment of extremely stringent requirements in products and services provided by the entity. Such products and services should be of leading quality in China, reach international advanced level and ownhigh market competitiveness. Users of the products and services are expected tobe highlysatisfactory. The entity should be in theleading position in his industry in terms of business scale, sales revenue, market share, profits and paid taxes, assets contribution rate and brand popularity, and he should own afull-fledged after-sales service system. The accreditation marks tahtWISDRI has madea breakthrough in the metallurgical engineering field in China.

Since 2008, WISDRI has been working on the integration and enhancement of his brand names. The company has successfully registered 28 brands in China and 8 brands overseas, and has transferred 5 brand names of Wuhan Iron and Steel Engineering and Research Institute. In 2013, WISDRI brand was accredited as “Famous Brand of Hubei Province” and “Famous Brand of Wuhan”.

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