WISDRI E-CONVERT Has Worked as a Perfect Substitute for Imported Variable Frequency Drive in Several Chinese Steelworks
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WISDRI E-CONVERT Has Worked as a Perfect Substitute for Imported Variable Frequency Drive in Several Chinese Steelworks

I 3# Continuous casting line in Jiujiang steel plant of Jiangxi Fangda Steel

Thanks to the application of EC570 VFD, the existing electrical control system of 3# continuous casting line in Jiujiang steel plant is fully upgraded, contributing to the success in hot test on the first attempt.

WISDRI E-CONVERT was initially chosen by Fangda Steel in 2020 when its 1# continuous casting line was under major overhaul. Within 3 days, WISDRI completed PLC program modifications of multiple devices, such as the ladle turret, the tundish, the oscillator, the withdrawal and straightening machine, the cross transfer car and the turn table, and the commissioning of WISDRI E-CONVERT upon replacement of existing imported VFDs. According to Fangda Steels new requirements, controlling of the withdrawal and straightening section is changed from the previous configuration of three motors on One VFD to that of one motor on One VFD.

Excellent performance of WISDRI E-CONVERT in 1# continuous casting line has won WISDRI the upgrading project of 3# eight-strand continuous casting line that was put into production in 2008. Likewise, we replaced the ageing VFDs with our EC570, which is doing a good job in maintaining stable casting, and poised for a substantial jump in casting speed. Since the application of WISDRI E-CONVERT, 3# CCM has scored higher hourly output in a few days.

II BAOWU-TISCO Push-Pull Pickling line

The electrical upgrading project of BAOWU-TISCO push-pull pickling line features the integration of WISDRI E-CONVERT into its main drive system. Since the resumption of the pickling production in mid-April, the line has been running stably in a month, achieving the targeted productivity and output.

Electrical systems involved in the upgrading project include MCC, drive control system, basic automation system, instruments, process control system, video monitoring system, edge computing system, etc. Through the upgrading of these control systems with WISDRI E-CONVERT, line capacity has been efficiently improved at a lower cost.

III Hot Rolling Line of Taihang Steel Phase 2 ESP project

Controlled by WISDRI E-CONVERT, the hot rolling line of Phase 2 ESP project of Taihang renders the smooth transport of hot rolled coils from the tension reel to the finished product store when coils are automatically moved, lifted, weighed and turned.

With the combination of EC752 rectifier + DC bus filter + EC751 inverter and the full-order flux observer technology applied to the transporting line, the speed control accuracy is not greater than 0.1%, and the speed step response time is not greater than 150ms in open-loop control, fully meeting the process requirement of coil transportation.

With the excellent power-to-volume ratio, upper computer commissioning software and programmable function, 227 sets of WISDRI E-CONVERT for the coil transport system are successfully commissioned within 7 days.

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