BAOWU-WISCO Has Recorded a Yield of 99.28% in the World’s First Hot-Rolled Coil/Sheet Continuous Heat Treatment Line
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BAOWU-WISCO Has Recorded a Yield of 99.28% in the Worlds First Hot-Rolled Coil/Sheet Continuous Heat Treatment Line

BAOWU-WISCO has lately built the first coil/sheet continuous heat treatment line in the world. It is an EP project undertaken by WISDR, which is aimed at building a 1 Mt/a high-strength hot rolled steel complex in ways that optimize product mix and improve product quality of WISCO. Till now, the line has hit an accumulative yield of 99.28%.

The new continuous heat treatment line features prominently in the following aspects:

Continuous strip quenching process

Based on the throughput-intensive process, WISDRI substitutes the continuous strip quenching mode for the traditional way of single sheet production, realizing high yields of 3mm thin-gauge high strength steel. Meanwhile, we have facilitated the process continuum from leveling, through quenching and tempering, to finishing by integrating multiple production procedures, achieving an incredible rise of over 10% in production efficiency. Besides, several sets of equipment have been premiered by WISDRI to accommodate the special need of this innovative quenching process, including the world"s first following laser cutting device and Chinas first high-strength steel leveling machine.

Continuous roller hearth quenching section

Targeting heating and quenching of the tension-free strip traveling along the line, the continuous heat treatment furnace includes a roller hearth quenching section, where sealing rollers, the strip off-track measuring device, the partition door and the strip insulation technology are provided for uninterrupted strip traveling, strip deviation detection, and desired entry temperatures for quenching in a way that scales new heights in the continuous heat treatment of GPa high-strength strip.

Intelligent equipment applications

A variety of intelligent devices are integrated into the line for whole-process automatic operation, production visualization, and centralized control of heat treatment, considerably raising productivity, saving energy and lowering carbon emissions.

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