Hot Start-up at Longgang Steel’s Comprehensive Stockyard
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Hot Start-up at Longgang Steel’s Comprehensive Stockyard

On August 26, the  comprehensive primary stockyard project of Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Longgang Company, which was constructed by WISDRI, succeeded in hot load test. After this digital twin stockyard is put into operation, it will usher in a new era of material stacking, claiming and delivery, characterized by modern equipment, efficiency and intelligence, low consumption, as well as cost-effectiveness.

The stockyard project at Longgang Steel covers an area of approx. 85 acres, with a total storage capacity of approx. 570,000 tons, and an annual material receiving capacity of approx. 13 million tons. Since the project is vital to Longgang Steel’s strategic planning, WISDRI gave full play to our technical strengths and project management experience by applying a range of proprietary technologies.

Digital stockyard technology

The 5G digital twin stockyard technology is adopted to build a 3D stockyard, allowing automatic inventory, unmanned stacker-reclaimer, more scientific production decisions and optimal resource allocation.

Intelligent blending technology

The new stockyard system is closely connected with blending system, which is aided by an intelligent blending model, so as to optimize the production efficiency.

Intelligent operation management system

The system empowers the stockyard with standard management process, intelligent operation scheduling, and streamlined job reports.


Material transport scheduling technology

The technology is brilliant at optimizing the storage site, the conveyor belt route as well as the scheduling of stacking and reclaiming operations, to maximize the space, equipment and other resources.

Clean transport and packaged equipment proprietary technology

The applied technology improves conveying efficiency, reduces equipment maintenance and operating costs, minimizes the generation of dust and crushed material, and makes the working environment better.

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