WISDRI Completed Delivery of Thousands of Package Units for Tangsteel
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Recently, 1551 sets of LV package units and 95 sets of HV switchgears are delivered by WISDRI to Tangsteel in batches. So far, the order placed by Tangsteel since May 2021 has been accomplished.

In addition to the order, WISDRI also contracted the steelmaking and CCM relocation project in EPC mode, which contains 1 set of KR desulphurization station, 2 sets of 100t converters, 1 set of twin LF, 2 sets of billet casters, 1 set of slab caster and auxiliary facilities.

Dedicated ourselves to electrical equipment’s production, installation and services since 1997, we have offered tailored services to more than 100 clients with over 50,000 quality HV/LV switchgears. Our service portfolio covers consulting, design, manufacturing, supply, installation and programming of automatic control system, complete units for power transmission and distribution as well as electrical products.

WISDRI CCTEC electrical & automation workshop

01 Workshop overview

Ø  Divided in HV and LV device manufacturing shops

Ø  Occupies an area of 15,000 m2

Ø  Produces tens of thousands of electrical package units per annum

02 Business scope

  • Medium and high voltage products: KYN61, KYN28, HXGN, box-type substations, etc.
  • Low voltage products: GGD, MNS, GCS, GCK, XL, JXF, PLC control cabinets, SVG/SVC reactive power compensation cabinets, etc.
  • Technical parameters:

    • Voltage level: 3-35kV
    • Current range: 0-4000A
    • Limit breaking capacity: 40kA
    • Protection grade: IP4X

    Product types:

    • 35kV switchgear: KYN61-40.5
    • 12kV switchgear: KYN28-40.5
    • Box-type substation: YB-12/0.4
    • Load switchgear: HXGN-12

03 Typical technologies

Ø  Wireless temperature measuring

Ø  Overvoltage suppression cabinet

Ø  Bus insulation and in-cabinet PD monitoring

Ø  Arc protection

Ø  Integrated quick changing packaged device

Ø  High frequency open/close switchgear technology

04 Certification

Ø  Possesses all related certificates, all type test reports

  • Have China Quality Certification
  • Recognized by SIMENS for businesses such as low voltage power distribution, furnace transformer tap changer, etc.

05 Partnership

  • Foreign makes: Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Rockwell, Weidmuller, AEG, GE, HaAG, Shilling Electric, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Ashkawa, Phoenix, Cooper, EFEN, BUSSMAN, Hersman, Cisco, etc.

Domestic makes: Changshu, Tianshui 213, Shanglian Electric, Zhengtai, Delixi, Liangxin, Guodian Nanzi, Guodian Nanrui, Beijing Sifang, Xuji Electric, Henan Senyuan, Anhui Senyuan, Xi’an Senyuan, Jiangsu Senyuan, Changzhou Senyuan, Guizhou Changzheng, Baoguang, etc.

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