The Annealing Pickling Line with Highest Production Speed in China Went on Stream
Time:02 November 2022 Author:海外营销部 Source: View:

On July 1, the victorious hot test of high-performance and high-grade electrical steel project at Xinyu Steel heralded the completion of annealing pickling line with the highest production speed in China. From that the backbone of WISDRI’s EC-series frequency converters surfaced.

In this project, the common DC bus drive scheme with WISDRI’s EC752 rectifier + EC751 inverter are employed by all the drive control system of furnace rolls and part of the main drive systems. In total, nearly 200 sets of converters are applied, demonstrating the high quality and reliability of our products, thus a strong support for production line is provided.

Under the status of not being controlled by encoders, the converters of EC series have achieved:

motor speed control accuracy ≤ 0.1%

speed step response ≤ 150ms

micro-tension control accuracy at steady state ≤  2%;

micro-tension control accuracy at dynamic state ≤  4.5%.

Cooperated with powerful software in host computers, the efficient commissioning has laid the groundwork for successful preheating, threading, running at high production speed and passing the hot test one at a time.

Being fundamental to the Owner’s market share and industrial upgrading, the project is about to increase the proportion of high-performance and high-grade silicon steel products to 60%-70%.

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