JISCO reaches out to WISDRI for Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions
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Recently, WISDRI is awarded the design, supply and technical service project of an intelligent manufacturing solution for hot dip  zinc-aluminum-magnesium galvanizing line from Gansu JISCO Hongxing Iron & Steel Co., LTD.

The said line will be designed with intelligent attendance, intelligent robots as well as intelligent centralized control center, and as a result, the production capacity can be doubled and the sheet thickness can be expanded from the current 0.5-2.5mm to 6.0mm. Accordingly, JISCO’s products application can be expanded to sectors of highway guardrail, light steel construction, etc.

Based on technologies of big data, cloud computing, AI and digital twin, WISDRI goes all out to offer the Owner with intelligent applications to upgrade JISCO in all aspects.  

1. Intelligent centralized control center

By integrating production operation, scheduling (dispatching), quality and management, it connects the production and management process so as to improve work efficiency via streamlined manning deployment.

2. Intelligent crane and warehouse management

It enables the unmanned operation of cranes in the incoming coil warehouse, intermediate warehouse and finished product warehouse, and realizes the automatic management of coils entry, exit and relocating.

3. Intelligent attendance over production procedures

It provides the intelligent attendance platform for  the entire line, thereby working out industry pain points, e.g.: “monitoring without control” and “asymmetric monitoring” which is caused by too many screens.

4 Intelligent security platform

It functions to locate personnel precisely, interlock fire signals and process safety data to safeguard the entire line.

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