Chinas’ first set of Ultra-Low Emission Device started operation
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Contracted by WISDRI in EPC mode, the ultra-low emission device for activated coke based flue gas desulfurization and denitrification for big sized pelletizing machine made its debut at Guangxi Shenglong in August, as performance indicators being stable and pollutants reaching the national standards on ultra-low emission.

1) Applied with latest-generation technologies & trusted by clients

Before then, Guangxi Shenglong placed an order for two sets of activated coke based fume desulfurization and denitrification devices for two 360m2 pelletizing machines with WISDRI. As the devices turned out to be stable and trustworthy, the Owner affirmed our technologies and services highly and chose us off the top of his head to execute the phase II revamp project in 2021.

The project is to provide activated coke based desulfurization and denitrification device for one set of upgraded 450m2 sintering machine and one set of upgraded 3,000,000 t/a belt-type roaster for pellets by applying WISDRI-developed Generation IV technologies, including asynchronous circulation of material, long-shaft graded feeding, full recovery of big-size coke, and efficient fine coke separation.

With the help of said technologies, the device gained its strengths of stability, less loss of fine coke and most competitive OPEX. Additionally, its emission indexes for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and dust can constantly meet the national ultra-low emission standards, showcasing a strong competitiveness in the industry.

2) High-standard entire-process management, an escort to production

Because it was a revamping project, the existing equipment needed to be dismantled before the construction could start. When the project commenced on February 28, 2021, our engineers made an optimized and reasonable plan for demolition and reconstruction taking into consideration of the limited area at site, tearing down 18 individual buildings (structures) containing 8 belt conveyor corridors as well as gas booster stations within 50 days and completing the take-over of civil work for adsorption tower within 60 days.

During the peak time of construction, WISDRI kept a close eye on the schedule and dynamically changed the construction plan where necessary in accordance with the local climate characteristics. Finally, following the startup of main draft fan, the project went into full operation after 16-month focus on safety and quality. 

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