The First Digital Gas Holder System Went Live in China
Time:02 November 2022 Author:海外营销部 Source: View:

EPC contracted by WISDRI, the first set of digital gas holder system was up and working smoothly at Jinshenglan Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei, which proves to be a signality in upgrading the operation safety of gas holders in the sector.

After the system went live, the maintenance personnel can tell whether or not the gas holder is safe by matching  key parameters of the gasholder area to intrinsic safety of the gasholder itself through digital linkage, thus the capability to identify, monitor, pre-alarm and handle major hazards can be greatly improved for steel complexes. Up till now, the system has been running for many days in a row, validating its high accuracy and stability.

The self-developed system builds up management structure of operation data by means of “data sharing & regeneration”, and ensures the safety by connecting  “isolated islands of information” as well as “barriers of data”.

It is composed of four functional modules: overall situation (gasholder area), working condition (gasholder), maintenance management and safety management.

With the success of this digital gasholder system, the safety grade of gas holders to be contracted by WISDRI in the future further grows and the monitoring approach enriches for operators as well as maintenance personnel, thereby providing a technical support for the safety of major hazards in steelmaking plant and setting an example for digital operation in gas holder sector.

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