WISDRI’s “E-CONVERT” Frequency Converter Has Reliably Served WISCO WireCo’sWire Rope Winding Unit for Two Years
Time:28 July 2021 Author:海外营销部 Source: View:

“E-CONVERT” frequency converter, self-developed by WISDRI Automation Company, has been applied to WISCO WireCo’s wire cable winding unit for two years straight with reliable performance, which is highly commended by the client.

This was actually a revamping project to replace the existing imported converters of winding units that were used on the hot dip galvanizing line and heat treatment line. Each winding unit comprised 3 motors, i.e. the winch motor, the spool motor and the transverse wire motor. Working at 220V, all motors had high requirements on tension control. During the site investigation, our experts had found that it was quite challenging to analyze PLC and the on-site frequency conversion cabinet could not be changed in both structure and wiring.

That being said, “E-CONVERT” frequency converter managed to resolve all these difficulties at last. Within a short period of 3 days, commissioning of 42 “E-CONVERT” frequency converters was finished, replacing old imported converters while maintaining production capacity.

Given “E-CONVERT”’s good performance, WISDRI was again entrusted with phase 4 frequency converter upgrading project by WISCO WireCo, which entails replacing 51 imported frequency converters.

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